Mt. Hood Challenge
Aug. 4th - Aug. 6th, 2017
Game film for getting to the next level
About RCP

Filming Philosophy 

Development of youth players on the soccer field is very much similar to development in the classroom.  There are three styles of learning: Listening (information from coach), Seeing (watching the game), and Experiencing (repetition). In America, the lack of watching the game at the highest level creates the biggest deficit from other soccer-powered countries where games are much more accessible.  Not only do players need to watch high-level games, but they also need to be able to watch themselves and start to tie things together.  “Oh, that’s what coach is talking about!” should be a common thought.  Once they begin to tie things together then self-awareness and constructive critical analysis can be developed and nurtured.  Soccer intelligence is the most underrated and neglected component in youth soccer.  Kids are always asking, “how do I separate myself from my peers?”… well here you go.  

Game footage from a coaching perspective is one of the most valuable tactical tools available.  Perspective from an elevated view allows coaches to see the majority of the field at any given moment throughout the game.  Rose City Prep game footage offers coaches this advantage, which can greatly help training directions.  Not only is it valuable to coaches, kids learn via listening, seeing, and experiencing.  RCP can also help share this footage with parents, players, and clubs. 

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